Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Creative Ways to Store Fabric

This evening tied right into my New Year's Resolution. The Charlotte Quilt Guild had Lois Hallock in for a lecture about Creating your Perfect Quilt Space, which is also the title of her book. She spent a lot of time speaking about proper heights of your sewing/cutting and ironing surfaces and ways to adjust what you already have. She also shared tips to corral all the fabric that we have and ways to fold and store it. I've had her book for a couple of years and used some of the ideas, but now that I've been quilting for a while I have a lot more scraps than I did before. My sewing room wasn't set up for quilting when we moved here. My focus was more sewing clothing, bridal veils, christening gowns and embroidery. Quilting is another craft that can eat up a lot of space, but now hopefully I can view my rooms with new eyes. I'm using my 8 1/2" x 24" ruler to fold my 1/2 yard and up fabric, my top buffet drawer is gathering fat quarters by color and my decorator boxes that used to hold projects are my scraps sorted by color. The project boxes that Lois offered at the guild meeting are now being used to store my projects. I'll be moving around my supplies also. I've found that I need to group my cutting and pressing supplies in the dining room instead of the sewing room.

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